1. Ana Kayne from 35mm slide taken by cast member Ashley Springer during the filming of The Creek When He Came Back. 

  2. Happy birthday to The Creek When He Came Back’s indispensable cinematographer, David Feeney-Mosier.

  3. New The Creek When He Came Back mini-posters hot off the presses! (at Daddy’s)

  4. New poster for The Creek When He Came Back by Brandon Bedaw of Babycart Design. 

  5. We’ve got a couple great posters in the works, including one from Brandon Bedaw at babycartdesign.tumblr.com, but here’s a quick one I made for the fun of it. Drawing by Eric Diehl (www.ericdiehlpaintings.com)

  6. Picture lock is on the horizon.

  8. thekittencovers:

    Purr Division - Unknown Whiskers

  9. darlingsnyc:

    vid shoot with mall tapes

    Can’t wait to see this!

  10. (Source: darlingsnyc)